Stumble Your Way From Failure To Success

From Failure To Success

 Affiliate Marketing TipsAs I was reading through some facebook posts yesterday, I came across something that inspired me to write this post, FROM FAILURE TO SUCCESS.  I read a status update by Pastor Rick Warren that said, “Failure isn’t fatal.  It’s failing to learn & change from failure that’s fatal”.

WOW, how many times throughout the course of our lives and/or careers have we experienced failure that really knocked us off our seat!!  I thought about what would have happened had I stopped at that initial point, my  first “failure” could have produced a fatality!!!  That same thought is something that we face daily realizing that failures will continuously come in our life, but we need to be equipped to prevent any fatalities. [Read more…]

Perfecting The Art of List Building

The Power Is In Building Your List

The power of list building , gives you the tools to build a strong and formidable internet business. When you look into the definitions of “list” and “building” it will lead you to further realize the importance of perfecting your tools and concepts you use to utilize the building of your list. [Read more…]

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