Stratagies For Church Outreach And Growth

Strategies For Church Outreach And Growth

Marketing and outreach strategies for church growth definitely need to implement the social media networks. With Facebook’s insurmountable growth rate, it’s current member base, along with the steady and daily use of the internet, are you as a Bishop, Pastor, Priest, Minister, Administrator, etc really doing what it takes to reach as many lost and wounded souls as possible? Or are you allowing hundreds possibly millions of opportunities to literally slip through your fingertips? If your marketing and outreach strategies are intact, are you doing what it takes to help other churches develop their outreach and marketing plans?

Facebook Growth Strategies And Outreach Facts:

According to Facebook’s fact sheet; Facebook enables companies (churches) to gain access to millions of users. Facebook is a part of millions of people’s daily lives around the world providing unparalleled distribution and the opportunity to build a business that is highly relevant to people’s lives.”

Are your Outreach Strategies Conducive of Growth?

  • Do you have a marketing plan for your church?
  • Are you treating your church like a multi-billion dollar business, or a fly by night small business, taking things one day at a time?
  • Are you branding and marketing your ministry to stand out from the crowd?
  • What are your marketing, advertising and outreach strategies?
  • Are you utilizing the social media platform of millions?
  • The fact that Facebook is free to join, why would you NOT be utilizing “free internet advertising”? (Lessons from the very basics of any economics course FREE)

In the grand scheme of things, the church should definitely be branded and marketed like a multi-billion dollar business! The work of Our Heavenly Father is the richest and most rewarding of all businesses.

  • Mutli-billion blessings; priceless.
  • Life insurance; eternal life.
  • Retirement plan; walk around on streets paved with gold, pearly gates, amongst the angels in the presence of God, just to name a few of the many!

How has your representation been thus far? Would you say you are doing all you can, everything within your power to reach beyond the walls of your local church, your community, your organizational umbrella?

  • Does your website reflect a business with goals, objectives and a clear direction?
  • Is your website routinely updated with relevant information to further build your business growth?
  • Are all announcements posted in a timely manner? Is your calendar kept current?
  • Do you have sermons and/or Bible classes posted providing 24/7 ministering?  Utilizing the power of video?
  • Is all of your contact information current and are all of your comments and requests received being acknowledged? (Is someone actually monitoring and following up with these people?)

Don’t let your ministering stop when the lights go out, remember, the internet reaches around the globe, someone is always up, searching, looking, longing, desperately seeking a life line, a ray of hope!

Is your ministry doing it’s part in reaching out and offering that hand up, that way out of a desperate situation? I encourage you to step back, really take a look at your current business plan, or lack thereof, and see what changes can be made to really be the salt of the earth. Be that change of flavor, that zest putting a ray of hope back into so many lives!!

The strategies currently used for church outreach must definitely change. The social media arena is definitely fertile area for church growth. Our next post will be focused on tools that can be easily used for branding and marketing your ministry.

Please feel free to share your marketing tools that you have found to be effective, teamwork will cause a positive movement towards getting “In God We Trust” back into the mainstream of our great nation! ~stay tuned~

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